SIPS: Structural Insulated Panels

    SIPS are the ultimate framing product.

    Design and frame your building envelope with Premier SIPS by insulfoam. Proven to be 60% more efficient than building with stick frame construction, large solid panels reduce gaps and seams in your building envelope saving energy (AKA operating costs) and creating a healthier indoor environment. We are eager to help walk you through the SIPS process. You can also learn more about SIPS from the manufacturer directly below.

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Because buildings consume 80% of electricity produced in the U.S.

This includes heating and cooling the buildings we work and live in. It is time to build responsibly so the structures we erect consume far less energy.

Because buildings are the Largest Contributor to Climate Change

With so much attention given to transportation emissions, many people are surprised to learn this fact. In truth, the Building Sector was responsible for nearly half (46.9%) of U.S. CO2 emissions in 2009. By comparison, transportation accounted for 33.5% of CO2 emissions and industry just 19.6%.

Hungry for more details?

The 2030 Challenge has the details from all major agencies, and challenges us all to build for NET zero energy construction by 2030.

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